About Mandelic Acid

  • Mandelic acid is the best alpha-hydroxy acid peel for acne, skin discolorations, oily skin, and melasma. It is the only alpha hydroxy acid with significant antibacterial properties. It is also the safest peel for darker and ethnic skin. Mandelic acid is naturally derived from bitter almonds.
  • It has a large molecular size, which results in less skin sensitivity and less irritation. For this reason, persons with sensitive skin, rosacea, and darker skin do extremely well with mandelic acid.
  • This acid also appears to deactivate the effects of cells that produce melanin and pigmentation in the skin. For this reason, persons with dark marks from acne, skin scrapes, melasma, and sun damage find that their pigmented lesions fade much faster with mandelic acid.
  • Mandelic acid has been a savior for acne sufferers and persons with oily skin. Because of it’s natural antibacterial activity and great affinity for oils, mandelic acid has proven to be probably the best peel for acne. Persons with dark marks on the skin left after acne breakouts will find that mandelic acid will quickly help to fade the marks and even out skin tone when used regularly.
  • For aging skin with sun damage, pigmentation and wrinkles, mandelic acid effectively resurfaces the skin and helps even out the skin tone.
  • Mandelic acid is actually a strong acid, but it’s molecular structure allows for a higher safety margin. Mandelic acid also enhances and boosts the effects of the other alpha and beta hydroxy acids.
  • We also recognize that other hydroxy acid have great skin benefits. Because of this, we have combined the best of other alpha and beta hydroxy acids with mandelic acid to produce peels that are simply exceptional.


Mandelic / Lactic – Mandelic acid boosts the hydrating and skin lightening properties of this gentle lactic acid.

Mandelic / Glycolic – Mandelic acid boosts glycolic acid’s skin softening and anti-aging benefits. Glycolic acid has a small molecular size and quickly penetrates into the skin, and should be used with more care on dark skin.

Mandelic / Salicylic – Mandelic acid boosts salicylic acid, which is the classical anti-acne peel. This is a powerful and effective peel combination for persons with acne, oily skin and sun damage.

Mandelic / TCA – Mandelic acid boosts the effective resurfacing, exfoliating and peeling effects of TCA. This powerful combination peel is excellent for persons with more severe acne, and more severe sun damage.